Water Resources Management
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In recent years, Hong Kong has relied heavily on Guangdong to meet its internal water demand. Yet, Hong Kong people and the HKSAR government have discarded any sense of urgency relating to water.

Civic Exchange began its policy research work on water resources management in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta (PRD) in 2009, and has published a number of research reports on the topic until early 2014. Three of them are focused on the Dongjiang River and the PRD, since we believe that a better understanding of the region’s current water demand and supply can inform us about the implications of regional economic, social and political development on Hong Kong’s water supply. 

“ Liquid Assets IV: Hong Kong’s Water Resources Management under One Country, Two Systems” published in 2013 explores Hong Kong’s water resources management under the framework of “One Country, Two Systems,” and analyses the demand and supply of nearby regions. We hope to promote discussion among policy makers and public, and provide policy suggestions about what Hong Kong has to do to ensure sustainable development in the future. 

Water management should be Hong Kong’s top-priority policy concern. This was true in the past, is true now, and will remain true in the future. Civic Exchange is dedicated to assisting Hong Kong to chart a better strategy for managing water resources sustainably.