The Fair Winds Charter (FWC) is an industry-led, voluntary, at-berth fuel switching programme for ocean-going vessels (OGVs) calling at Hong Kong. It is the first initiative of its kind in Asia, and the only shipping-industry led fuel switching initiative in the world. Participating vessels switch to low sulphur fuel (0.5% sulphur content or less) while at berth in Hong Kong.

Fair Winds Charter 2013:

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In 25 January 2013, the Hong Kong shipping industry extended the FWC until December 2013. Participating shipping lines, as well as supporting organizations, urge regional governments to introduce legislation for at berth fuel-switching this year, and collaborate across the PRD region to regulate in line with international standards as quickly as possible.

The 17 FWC 2013 participants are: Alianca, APL, China Navigation Co., CMA-CGM, COSCO, Hamburg-Sud, Hanjiin Shipping, Hapag-Lloyd, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM), Maersk Line, MOL, NYK Line, OOCL, Pacific Basin, Wah Kwong Shipping, Wan Hai Lines, and Yan Ming Line.

The four FWC 2013 supporting organizations are: The Hong Kong Liner Shipping Association, Hong Kong Shipowners’ Association, Civic Exchange, and Wallem.

The Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department and Marine Department introduced the Port Facilities and Light Dues Incentive Scheme in September 2012 for vessels that switching to low sulphur fuel at berth in Hong Kong.

Fair Winds Charter 2011-2012:

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(FWC 2011-2012)

As participants in the Fair Winds Charter 2012-2013, 15 shipping lines, 2 cruise lines and 1 autoliner switched to fuel with 0.5% sulphur content or less “to the maximum extent possible” while at berth in Hong Kong from 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2012. They called on the Hong Kong and Guangdong governments to work together to regulate emissions from ships across the Pearl River Delta region. Maersk and APL began this fuel switch in September and October 2010, respectively. If all of these shipping lines’ ships calling at Hong Kong switch to the cleanest type of fuel available (0.1%), SO2 emissions would drop by 80% from the shipping industry.

The FWC was initially proposed during a “Green Harbours” meeting, convened and facilitated by Civic Exchange. Civic Exchange has been hosting “Green Harbours” meetings since 2007. These events bring together stakeholders from the port and shipping communities, including government representatives, fuel providers, and academics to discuss ways to reduce the impact of their operations.

Royal visit brings focus on fuel switching effort:
On 23 November 2010, His Royal Highness Prince Joachim of Denmark visited Maersk vessel Salalah while it is at berth in Hong Kong. HRH performed the actual fuel switch on Salalah Maersk and took a guided tour of the vessel.

Photos: https://picasaweb.google.com/civicexchange2000/101120Mearsk?authuser=0&feat=directlink

Press Release:

13 Feb 2014 – Civic Exchange commends the shipping industry for extending the Fair Winds Charter (By Civic Exchange)
25 Jan 2013 - Civic Exchange supports Fair Winds Charter 2013 and encourages other shipping lines to join (By Civic Exchange)
02 Nov 2010 – OOCL confirms use of low sulphur fuel in Hong Kong Port (By OOCL)
05 Oct 2010 – APL volunteers to clear the air over Hong Kong (By APL)
07 Sept 2010 – Maersk Line launches Asia’s first fuel switch programme (By Maersk Line)
07 Sept 2010 – First fuel switch for cleaner air in Asia (By Maersk Line)

Media coverage – 2012 Budget supporting the Fair Winds Charter:

26 Mar 2012 - Wall Street Journal – Clean Up Effort for Hong Kong Port Hits Rocks
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02 Feb 2012 - Ta Kung Pao – 停港低硫燃油遠洋船 獲寬減設施及燈標費 (Chinese only)
01 Feb 2012 - Government press release - Budget Speech by the Financial Secretary (6)
01 Feb 2012 - Ta Kung Pao – 曾俊華: 把握港競爭優勢 推經濟發展 (Chinese only)
01 Feb 2012 - Hong Kong Economic Journal – 【預算案】正研第三跑道建議 探討發展十號碼頭 (Chinese only)

Media coverage for the fuel switch demonstration on 23 November 2010:

08 Sept 2011 – Maersk Line website – Maersk Line celebrates one year of cleaner air in Hong
20 Jun 2011 – www.bunkerworld.com – Key Asian port urged to cut ship-generated SO2 emissions
16 Jun 2011 – South China Morning Post – Container ship health risk ‘ignored’
04 Jan 2011 – Hong Kong Economic Times – 航運帶頭減排 港府宜速配合 (Chinese only)
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19 Dec 2010 – Wall Street Journal – Tackling Pollution at the Ports
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30 Nov 2010 – New York Times – To Clear Up Air Quality, Hong Kong Looks to the Sea
25 Nov 2010 – Bunkerworld News – Shipping firms commit to fuel switch in Hong Kong
24 Nov 2010 – The Standard – Vessels on wave of cleaner fuel
24 Nov 2010 – Ming Pao – 17船公司轉用低硫柴油靠港 (Chinese only)
24 Nov 2010 – Ta Kung Pao – 貨輪低硫油港區試行兩年 政府牽頭推動航運業走向環保 (Chinese only)
24 Nov 2010 – Oriental Daily News – 貨船轉用低硫燃料 減污染維港 (Chinese only)
24 Nov 2010 – The Sun – 政情:丹麥王子參觀環保貨船 (Chinese only)
24 Nov 2010 – Hong Kong Economic Times – 輪船轉用環保油 減8成污染 (Chinese only)

Other media coverage:

Jan 2011 – Asian Conversation–In the greening of our seas speed is of the essence
29 Nov 2011 – Hong Kong Economic Times–一流城市九流空氣 粵港要爭氣 (Chinese only)
04 Nov 2011 – Baird Maritime–OOCL to use low sulphur fuel in Hong Kong Port
08 Sept 2010 – Ta Kung Pao–馬士基入港船用低硫燃油 可減少八成雜質排放量 (Chinese only)
08 Sept 2010 – Fruitnet.com–Maersk Line makes Hong Kong fuel switch
07 Sept 2010 – CNN – Ship firm floats plan to cut Hong Kong smog
07 Sept 2010 – Maersk Line website – Maersk Line launches Asia’s first fuel switch programme
07 Sept 2010 – New York Times – Danish Shipping Giant to Switch to Cleaner Fuel When in Hong Kong
01 Aug 2010 – RTHK-TV programme 鏗鏘集–屏息以待 (Cantonese TV programme)

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