The Air We Breathe 4: A Dialogue on Air Sciences and Policies in China and Hong Kong

Civic Exchange is co-organising with Division of Environment of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology The Air We Breathe 4: A Dialogue on Air Sciences and Policies in China and Hong Kong. This seminar aims to provide the audience with an expert update on air sciences research and policy development at the national and international levels. Prominent air scientists and policy makers are invited to discuss the opportunities and challenges in air quality management in China, as well as in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region, in the coming five to ten years. (more…)

Warsaw? Where next for the UN Climate Caravan?

Civic Exchange and Business Environment Council (BEC) invite you to us for an annual update on efforts to both tackle the Greenhouse Gas emissions which are causing climate change and adapt to the climate change which is inevitable.  (more…)

Water Seminar III: Living on the Edge – Policy (Hong Kong vs. Singapore) and Technology Dimensions of Water Resources Management in Coastal Cities

Civic Exchange is co-organising a seminar, "Living on the edge – Policy (Hong Kong vs. Singapore) and Technology Dimensions of Water Resources Management in Coastal Cities", with HKUST and UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education on 12 December 2013. At the seminar, Ms. Su Liu (Head of Greater China & Water Policy Research) will share her latest research findings and lessons learnt about how Hong Kong and Singapore deal with water dependency. Scholars from HKUST and UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education will also introduce how the cutting-edge technologies could bring forth contributions to the regional and/or global water management. (more…)

Air quality in the Pearl River Delta of China

Maintaining healthy air while supporting economic growth has been a challenge for every nation going through a significant industrial growth period. The United States grappled with these issues in its early years of industrial growth, with new emission control technologies developed and applied to reduce air pollution while maintaining a high quality of life. As the Pearl River Delta Region (PRD) of China has continued its very high industrial and economic rate of growth, this part of the world is experiencing its own challenge of poor air quality. With a unique geography and local climate, air quality in PRD has demonstrated unique chemistry and complexity. Characterising and improving air quality in the PRD has stimulated collaboration between the government, NGO, and research entities in the region, laying the groundwork to improve the air quality for the approximately 120 million residents of the area. As China’s smog is becoming a serious international issue, Dr. Hagler’s sharing of her work and insight is a timely and practical way out of the problem.

[Energy Forum 17] The Energy Dialogue: Setting the Agenda & Deliberating the Way Forward


[Energy Forum 16] No More Muddling Through


Water Seminar II: Less is More

Civic Exchange is organising “Water Seminar II: Less is More” on 30 July 2013. Ms. Su Liu (Head of Greater China & Water Policy Research, Civic Exchange) will present her new research findings examining water issues under one country two systems. Renowned speakers will then lead us to discussions on Hong Kong’s water tariff, water self-sufficiency and urban ecological security, as well as Civil society’s role in Hong Kong’s water issues.


[Energy Forum 15] Shaping our Energy Policy: Guangdong and Hong Kong in the Mix

In a continuous attempt to improve energy literacy and to facilitate energy policy discussion among Hong Kong stakeholders, Civic Exchange is organising an open forum to discuss Hong Kong’s energy outlook in light of local perspectives and regional circumstances. This energy forum will be the first of a three-part series in 2013.

As one of China’s fastest growing provinces, Guangdong is facing a real challenge in keeping up its economic growth and at the same time meeting both its energy and environmental goals, in light of national targets set under the 12th Five-year Plan, as well as the plan to cap domestic production and consumption of coal in China. While Guangdong is re-shaping its energy strategy, Hong Kong is also contemplating a new round of discussion over its long-term energy policy. How to prioritise among energy security, reliability, safety, environmental performance, and affordability? What are the views of Hong Kong people on energy mix and energy conservation? How would Guangdong’s energy plan affect Hong Kong, and vice versa? (more…)

Walkable City, Living Streets

In support of the Second United Nations Global Road Safety Week focused on ‘pedestrian safety’, Civic Exchange, Community for Road Safety and Designing Hong Kong will co-host a full day event entitled Walkable City, Living Streets. Three main themes of conferences, ‘Pedestrian Network Planning’, ‘Pedestrian Safety’ and ‘Streets as Public Space’, will be given and followed by a panel discussion on integrating the three themes in urban and transport planning in Hong Kong. (more…)

Climate change: Doha and the road to Paris