60 and Beyond: China’s modernisation and the roles of Hong Kong

SynergyNet, Centre For Comparative And Public Law, HKU, Civic Exchange and Hong Kong Policy Research Institute co-organized 60 and Beyond: China’s Modernisation and the Roles ofHong Kong on 21 Nov 2009 (Saturday) at the Rayson Huang Theatre, HKU.


Air Pollution from Ships: Drivers for Positive Change

 Across the world governments, ports and shipping companies are working to reduce emissions, and many of these initiatives could equally be applied here. Speakers representing key stakeholders will outline some of the key technologies, policies and other drivers of the global clean-up, and discuss how they are being, or could be, applied in this region. The key topics are:

“Intelligence Squared” Climate Change debate

Intelligence Squared, the leading global forum for intellectual and cultural debate, will hold its second event in Asia on 11-November 2009. The debate will take place before a live audience at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and will tackle the contentious issue of climate change.

Speakers for the motion: “The West is full of hot air; Asia is saving the world from climate policy disaster” are Sunita Narain and Gwyn Prins. Christine Loh, and Eric Bettleheim will speak against it. The debate will be moderated by Deborah Kan, (Presenter, Reuters Television).


Int’l Workshop on Regional Air Quality Management

Over the past two decades, China’s key city clusters such as the Bohai (including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong provinces), the Pearl River Delta (PRD, including Hong Kong), and the Yangtze River Delta regions (YRD, including Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces) experienced the rapid economic development. These regions not only contributed more than 70% of GDP to China’s economy, but also generating a large share of air pollutant emissions. These emissions have already led to complex and regional air quality problems such as acid rain, photochemical smog, and regional visibility degradation. Environmental policy-makers, research scientists and industry stakeholders in these regions are facing severe challenges in developing effective regional air quality management strategies and coordinating air pollution control plans across multiple provinces and cities within the regions in order to combat air pollution.


Civic Exchange’s 12th Energy Forum

“Financing the Energy Transformation”

The negotiations for the post-Kyoto multilateral arrangements beyond 2012 point to the need for an energy transformation away from the use of coal to lower carbon or zero carbon outcomes. The most recent science indicates this transformation needs to come much sooner than originally estimated and the reduction in carbon emissions needs to be deep in order for global temperatures to stay within a 2°C rise. While various technologies are available to drive down emissions, the issue is how that transformation to a low carbon future can be financed. This seminar will explore this challenge from the perspective of bankers, financiers, investors and power utilities. Civic Exchange’s 12th Energy Forum invites you to deliberate these issues with experts and commentators.


My Family and My City art exhibition

Civic Exchange would like to invite you to a Paintings and Woodcuts Art Exhibition by Fong So – “My Family and My City: People and History” on 6-9 Nov 2009 at Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong.

This collection of real-persons portraits are put in two groups. The small group tells the artist’s family history through his portrayal of some family members. The large group captures the lives and moments of some long-time friends who of the artist. A few of them are public figures; while most are not. All the characters in these portraits are situated in the historical contexts that tell stories about them. Taken as a whole, this series of paintings and woodcuts can, to a certain extent, epitomize a period of history.

Successful Ageing through Holistic Living

Co-organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Helping Hand, Hong Kong Nutrition Association, Hong Kong Geriatrics Society and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a conference on “Successful Ageing through Holistic Living” will be held on 5-7 November, 2009.

Ms. Christine Loh (CEO of Civic Exchange) will be presenting on “Holistic Living & Clean Environment” on Day 3.


Carbon Briefing 2009 & Gold Standard Training

RESET Ltd and The Gold Standard Foundation will host Carbon Briefing 2009 and Gold Standard Training on 2-November, 2009.

Ms. Christine Loh (CEO of Civic Exchange) will be sharing in a moderated panel discussion focusing on “Demand and pricing – 2009 and beyond: The role of market standards post-Kyoto carbon in China opportunities for energy efficiency and more from the audience)


Eco Expo Asia 2009

(28-31 October 2009 event schedule)


University of Hull Lecture: Air quality and climate change

Organised by Hull University Business School, Ms Christine Loh (CEO of Civic Exchange) was invited to deliver a lecture entitled“Air quality and climate change – Major drivers for changes in shipping and portmanagement”

With the rise of environmental legislation and corporate social responsibility on the business agenda, organisations are increasingly aware that they ignore these issues at their peril – as seen in the threat of air pollution lawsuits against port operators in Long Beach and Los Angeles.