**Thank you for your interest in the Civic Exchange Internship Programme.  The application period for the 2014 Summer Internship Programme is now closed.

The 2014 Fall & 2015 Winter Internship Programme is now open for applications. Interested parties please see “How to apply” for details. Shortlisted candidates will be notified for interviews in August 2014. Applicants who do not receive our notification for interviews in August 2014 may consider their applications unsuccessful.**

Interns at Civic Exchange receive the opportunity to observe the day-to-day activities that go into running a think tank as well as undertake research in a policy topic that interests them. Our internship aims to challenge interns on an intellectual level while fostering curiosity and passion for public policy research.

Features of a Civic Exchange internship include:

  • Individually designed projects: One of the unique features of the Civic Exchange Internship Program is that we design research projects to suit each intern’s individual interests and abilities. Projects can be either independent or in conjunction with other members of the Civic Exchange team. Although each intern receives guidance, conducting a detailed research project encourages interns to think critically about pertinent issues and use their time in a practical manner.
  • A multi-national environment: Another aspect of the programme is its global nature. Civic Exchange is an organisation that works with international affiliates, and interns may have the opportunity to interact with Civic Exchange’s international network of “thinkers, researchers and facilitators,” as well as interns of different nationalities.
  • Attending Civic Exchange events: Interns will be able to attend Civic Exchange’s events, which may include lectures, workshops, public presentations, facilitation, and special visits.

Civic Exchange may also ask our interns to participate in a community-oriented project as a secondary activity. This gives interns a more hands-on experience involving local issues. Such opportunities are a particularly useful way for interns from overseas to familiarize themselves with the Hong Kong community.

Civic Exchange takes interns all year round. We encourage applicants to apply early.

Applicants who wish to intern at Civic Exchange during the fall of 2014 should send in their applications by 30 June 2014 (HK Time).