Rich Delta, Costly Flooding

Co-authored by Civic Exchange and scholars at the University of Leeds, UK, “Rich Delta, Costly Flooding” investigates the flood problem in the PRD and Hong Kong.


Urban renewal policies in Hong Kong

Carine Lai, author of “Treating the Symptoms” was interviewed by RTHK on 9 August 2010.

Visit this website to listen to the interview.

Air pollution and public health in Hong Kong

鏗鏘集, one of RTHK’s Cantonese TV programmes talked about air pollution and public health in Hong Kong.

In the programme, Hedley Environmental Index and MAP projects were mentioned.  Civic Exchange is part of the project teams. Besides, Veronica Booth, Researcher at Civic Exchange, was interviewed and she shared her views on shipping emissions. Click on the title to view the programme.

Hong Kong Government losing the PR crusade

The Government is under siege because……

Published by Media on 1 July 2010, diagnosis by Christine Loh is available here.

Total Water Management in Hong Kong

Civic Exchanged hosted a press conference on total water management in Hong Kong. Raising water prices is inevitable for Hong Kong to manage its water resource better. So far, the HKSAR Government hesitates to increase tariffs because if expected resistance from legislators.


Why ditching diesel buses won’t be easy
Fare curbs stall alternatives to diesel buses

Not only is Hong Kong’s ageing fleet of heavily polluting diesel buses a threat to people’s health; running them is increasingly proving to be a threat to the operators’ wealth.

Analysts say bus companies will continue to struggle, and if crude oil prices soar to US$140 a barrel as they did in 2008, the cost of running bus services will spiral out of control.

Besides suffering from falling revenue, the city’s bus companies are regarded by academics and clean-air advocates as being energy-inefficient and a main contributor to roadside pollution, which has become more serious over the past few years.


Anpassad kommunism Hongkongs väg. (Communism Defines the Route for Hong Kong)

Swedish magazine Under Strecket published an article by former Swedish Consul General in Hong Kong on Christine Loh’s book on Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong.

Franchised Bus Emissions

Civic Exchange hosted a press conference to outline key players in reducing franchised bus emissions, and to identify key roles for Chief Secretary, Secretary for Health & Food and Transport Department.


Medical Priority Dispatch System

The Legislative Council Panel on Security discussed Security Bureau’s “Outcome of Public Consultation on the Proposed Introduction of the MPDS” on 13 April 2010. Civic Exchange hosted a press briefing and invited Mr Cheung Tak Hai from the Alliance for Patients’ Mutual Help Organizations and Prof Timothy Rainer from Prince of Wales Hospital’s Service Department of Emergency Medicine to explain the importance of adopting MPDS.


Hong Kong’s Role in Mending the Disclosure Gap

By Ma Jun, Christine Loh, Wang Jingjing and Wuwei

Civic Exchange and Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) co-authored the current report to illustrate examples of water violations by HK-listed companies and suggest better environmental disclosure requirements from the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited.

Since 2006, the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE), a Beijing-based nongovernment organization, has operated the China Water and Air Pollution Database.

This web-based resource is the first of its kind in China to publish air and water quality data and feature a government-sourced list of companies cited for environmental violations in the mainland. By March 2010, IPE has uploaded more than 58,000 records of monitoring and enforcement from official mainland sources to its water and air pollution databases.