Liquid Assets V – The Water Tales of Hong Kong and Singapore: Divergent Approaches to Water Dependency

By Su Liu, Jessica Williams

This report looks into the paths and actions that Singapore has taken to address their water scarcity issues. By examining the case of Singapore, Hong Kong can reflect on its previous and current approaches to water dependency and consider the way forward. (more…)

The Potential for Strategic Environmental Assessment to Assist in Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Decision Making in Hong Kong

By Andrew Cornish

This report examines how effectively Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs) have been employed in Hong Kong, whether the approaches are consistent with the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and provide recommendations to enhance the role of SEAs to incorporate the biodiversity aspirations of the Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan into decision making on major programmes, plans and policies. Download full report

Working Towards a Quality Living Region – A Pearl River Delta Emission Control Area

By Simon Ng, Veronica Booth and Freda Fung

This paper represents Civic Exchange’s continuing efforts to conduct port-related emissions research and stakeholder engagement initiatives. In our September 2012 research report, A Price Worth Paying: The Case for Controlling Marine Emissions in the Pearl River Delta, we recommended one emissions control strategy – setting Emission Control Area (ECA) level fuel standards (0.1% sulphur content) for vessels within 100nm of Hong Kong. This research helped inform us that establishing an ECA will bring about the greatest emissions reduction and public health benefits to the whole PRD region. We hope that the current paper can build on the debate and stimulate discussion on establishing an ECA across the PRD, as well as the issues involved. Download full report

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Video promo 2: Hong Kong Ship Emissions (2): Emission Control Area

Stewardship of Spent Fuels and Nuclear Wastes – The French Experience

By Jean-Pierre Perves

This report looks into the French experience in handling spent fuel and nuclear waste. It also briefly introduces the relevant experience of a few other countries including Sweden, Switzerland and the US. The report can provide readers with insight on how this important aspect of the nuclear fuel lifecycle is handled and the key lessons we can learn. Download full report

Energizing Hong Kong: A Comprehensive Study of Hong Kong People’s Attitudes Towards Power Sources and Climate Change

This survey report captures how Hong Kong people view issues related to energy and climate change, as well as their environmental behaviours and knowledge.The survey is in hope of informing us on how best to approach energy policy deliberation in Hong Kong. Where appropriate, comparisons were made between the current survey’s findings and previous environmental surveys in order to give additional information on how perceptions and behaviours have changed over time. Download full report (more…)

A Snapshot of Hong Kong People’s Attitudes Towards Power Sources and Climate Change

This survey summary report is based on extracts from “Energizing Hong Kong:A comprehensive study of Hong Kong people’s attitudes towards power sources and climate change” by Professor Michael DeGolyer, Director of Hong KongTransition Project at Hong Kong Baptist University. It captures the essence of survey on Hong Kong people’s behaviours and attitudes towards energy and environmental issues. Download summary report (more…)

Nuclear Energy: Institutional Arrangement and Public Engagement in France

By Jacques Foos & Ludivine Gilli

This report mainly focuses on the public engagement process France has gone through while discussing their energy policy, in particular nuclear energy. It sheds light on various important components of the process, for example, availability of independent information, formation of independent agencies and their roles, involvement of independent experts, as well as general public education. Download full report

A Review of the Hong Kong Inspection and Maintenance Programme for On-road Vehicles

By Freda Fung, Bryan Suen

This report provides an overview of the role of inspection and maintenance in a comprehensive vehicular pollution control strategy, compares Hong Kong’s current inspection and maintenance programme with international best practices, and suggests ways to improve the current programme. Download full report (more…)

Major Overhaul in the California Smog Check Program

By Lynne Curry

This paper aims to look into what actions the California Air Resources Board has taken to move towards a smog-free environment, with specific focus on the California Smog Check Program and the Standardized Testing and Reporting Smog Check Program. Download full report

Liquid Assets IV: Hong Kong’s Water Resources Management under “One Country, Two Systems”

By Su Liu

This report draws our attention back to Hong Kong. It is an attempt to take a closer look at Hong Kong’s own water resources management today using our previous work as a reference to help frame the issues. Hong Kong will begin its discussion on water supply with Guangdong authorities later this year (2013). We hope that this report can assist Hong Kong in considering how best to chart a better water resources management strategy. Download full report | Download press release (5:30pm)