Civic Exchange’s 11th Energy Forum

Renewable Energy is an important plank in the Chinese Governments’ strategies – at national, provincial and SAR levels – for decarbonizing the economy to tackle climate change, improve public health and enhance energy security. But what are the prospects for rolling out renewables in the PRD and the rest of Guangdong? What are the technical and commercial constraints and opportunities to moving faster and further with green power?

Civic Exchange hosted the 11th Energy Forum for an expert discussion with stakeholders in the power sector.


Mr. Andrew Lawson [PPT | Video], Civic Exchange, summarized the picture of solar, wind and hydro-power generation across China, with reference to the NDRC Outline for the PRD 2008-2020.
Prof. Alexis Lau [PPT | Video], HKUST, based on his research, summarized the technical potential for large-scale renewable energy generation in Hong Kong and Guangdong – what and how much can be produced where?
Mr. Richard Lancaster [PPT | Video], Chief Operating Officer – CLP Power Hong Kong, described wind-farming in southern China from a commercial operator’s point of view.
Mr. Robin How [PPT | Video] of Iceberg Capital discussed the rollout of solar technologies in southern China.
Two expert commentators [VIDEO] – Dr. KK Chan of Nature Elements Capital and Mr. Liam Salter of Reset, led a general discussion where all participants were engaging to join-in [Video_1 | Video_2].

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