Ecological Restoration Projects

Civic Exchange is currently supporting EEMP’s (Environmental Education Media Project) work.


The EEMP is a non-profit organization who for over 15 years has collaborated on developmental and educational films with the World Bank, UNICEF, GEF, UNDP, UNEP, EU, Wetlands International, UNCCD, IUCN and many other organizations. 

The EEMP’s preferred method of communication is visual, film in particular.

The EEMP understands how important it is to engage ALL types of audiences in dialogue concerning the environmental and social issues of our time – like climate change, restoration, poverty and famine.

That’s why political leaders, schools, NGOs, corporations and most importantly, the public, should be engaged. Film engages people and the EEMP make films about social and environmental issues to produce action and promote better understanding of environmental and social issues facing the planet.

Visual learning

Producing powerful films is not enough to change the world.  It is the tool the EEMP has mastered in order to carry profound messages of hope and change both to critical decision makers and the general public. We seek to reach both audiences because the nature of the change that is needed will require powerful leadership – and without public support, leaders won’t take the necessary risks.

John Liu, Founder and Director of the EEMP, has presented his work to hundreds of audiences around the world, from school children, to scientists to Presidents.

John’s recent article: Functional Ecosystems as the Engine of the Green Economy
John’s recent presentations: May TEDx, Wageningen

Upcoming presentation

September – Leaders for Nature, The Netherlands
October – Bioneers, California
October – GIN Conference, Sao Paulo

Current projects

The EEMP is working with the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) to make films about their Land for Life winners – Rewarding leadership for sustainable land management. The EEMP will be travelling to Haiti, Uganda and Turkey in October and November to visit the winners and learn more about their projects. (Learn More)

Meet the team

John Liu – Producer and Director. For the past 15 years, Mr. Liu has concentrated on ecological film making and has written, produced and directed films on grasslands, deserts, wetlands, oceans, rivers, urban development, atmosphere, forests, endangered animals and other topics primarily for Earth Report and life Series on BBC World. Email:

Patrick Augenstein – Assistant Director. Assistant to John, Patrick has extensive experience filming in Rwanda and across Africa (Mali and Ethiopia among others). Email:

Anna Beech – Chief Operating Officer. Based in Hong Kong, Anna is part of the Civic Exchange team, and from April 2011 until May 2012, Civic Exchange will be providing project management support to the EEMP. Anna is assisting with all administrative and logistical arrangements involved in EEMP’s work. Email: 

Watch EEMP’s inspirational films

Groen Goud (Green Gold)
| Watch the film |

“Lessons from the Loess Plateau”

EEMP’s ground-breaking film which illustrates perfectly how human’s destructive behaviours are putting our world under huge amounts of stress. Using China’s Loess Plateau as an example, John Liu guides the viewer through the entire restorative process. The film includes interviews with local people and experts, telling the whole story and including all its players. The lessons from the Loess Plateau, the most erode place on Earth at one stage, should be learnt in all countries facing famine, drought and large-scale degradation. | Watch the film |

“Hope in a Changing Climate”

In 2010, at COP 15 in Copenhagen, “Hope in a Changing Climate” was screened. The film was also aired on BBC World. Its purpose was to reframe the global warming debate, asserting that large-scale ecosystem restoration holds the key not only to stabilizing the earth’s climate, but also to eradicating poverty and making sustainable agriculture a reality.

Hope in a Changing Climate” was filmed in China, Rwanda and Ethiopia. It documents remarkably successful efforts of local people to restore denuded, degraded ecosystems – transforming them into verdant, life-sustaining environments while enabling people to break free from entrenched poverty. The film contains breathtaking before and after footage of large-scale restoration projects.

“Rwanda – Forests of Hope”

Can man revese the damage we’ve done to the planet? Afica is helping show us that we can. Stories from Rwanda show how to revive denuded landscapes for a better, sustainable future. | Watch the film | 

Many more films are available to watch and download from EEMP’s website, visit

For further links to information regarding restoration, visit What If We Change website.