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Fair Winds Charter

Fair Winds Charter The Fair Winds Charter (FWC) is an industry-led, voluntary, at-berth fuel switching programme for ocean-going vessels (OGVs) calling at Hong Kong. It is the first initiative of its kind in Asia, and the only shipping-industry led fuel switching initiative in the world. Participating vessels switch to low sulphur fuel (0.5% sulphur content or less) [...]

Green Harbours II: Proposing a government recognition scheme based on the Fair Winds Charter

As part of the ongoing “Green Harbours II” project, Civic Exchange hosted a meeting with government and shipping lines to discuss a proposed government-administered recognition programme based on the Fair Winds Charter, an industry-led voluntary fuel switch for ocean-going vessels calling at Hong Kong. This recognition programme would be an important building block towards regulation [...]

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: How Hong Kong Compares

In response to the Environment Bureau’s climate change consultation, public policy think tank Civic Exchange and the Social & Policy Research Unit of the Department of Social Sciences at the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIED) proposed ways to improve Hong Kong’s current measurement of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Click here to download an abstract [...]

2011 Policy Address Consultation on Policy Recommendations

Civic Exchange releases four major policy recommendations for Chief Executive’s 2011 Policy Address which include Rural Land Policy, Health‐based Air Quality Policy, Regulating Shipping Emissions, and Archival Law and Good Governance.

Air pollution and public health in Hong Kong

鏗鏘集, one of RTHK’s Cantonese TV programmes talked about air pollution and public health in Hong Kong. In the programme, Hedley Environmental Index and MAP projects were mentioned.  Civic Exchange is part of the project teams. Besides, Veronica Booth, Researcher at Civic Exchange, was interviewed and she shared her views on shipping emissions. Click on the title [...]

Response to Environment Bureau/Environmental Protection Department Proposal Document: “A Proposal to Control Emissions of Non-road Mobile Sources”

By Civic Exchange The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has released “A Proposal to Control Emissions of Non-road Mobile Sources” (Proposal Document) for consultation. It states that 13,500 units of non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) generate 7% of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and 10% of respirable suspended particle (RSP) emissions in Hong Kong. This is a very high [...]

Fixing roadside pollution: Matching problems with solutions

Civic Exchange organised a press conference to announce the findings of a study on roadside air pollution covering all 18 districts in Hong Kong. The study reveals the key factors that determine roadside pollution levels and identifies that shipping emissions from the port can be an important source of roadside pollutants. Click to read the [...]

Green Harbours II

Civic Exchange has organized a highly targeted workshop to explore the possibility of developing partnerships between environmentally-responsible shipping lines, ports and manufacturers with the aim of reducing marine air pollution and its associated public health impacts in the Pearl River Delta. The workshop outlined the current knowledge on the public health impacts, regulation of marine [...]

Why ditching diesel buses won’t be easy

Fare curbs stall alternatives to diesel buses Not only is Hong Kong’s ageing fleet of heavily polluting diesel buses a threat to people’s health; running them is increasingly proving to be a threat to the operators’ wealth. Analysts say bus companies will continue to struggle, and if crude oil prices soar to US$140 a barrel [...]

Franchised Bus Emissions

Civic Exchange hosted a press conference to outline key players in reducing franchised bus emissions, and to identify key roles for Chief Secretary, Secretary for Health & Food and Transport Department.